Update (05.11.20): Recent developments in the current COVID-19 pandemic has put uncertainty on national and global travel. For this reason, we aim to run a hybrid conference whereby those who can make it in person will be gladly received but with a reduced maximum capacity to follow all COVID regulations. This hybrid approach should provide opportunities as well as flexibility in the current climate. Further information will be posted once finalised.


Keep safe and well!


Jian R Lu

Dear friends and colleagues

Peptide research and development is fast expanding. The field of biomimetic and de novo designed peptides is particularly active, as it is embraced with many stimulating scientific challenges and potential technological benefits. Many new peptides are being reported, with novel structures, properties and functions.

Following the highly successful PSA Conference2018@Beijing, the Scientific Committee and conference attendees decided to hold the next one in Manchester, UK, to celebrate the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of the peptide research across the globe. We warmly invite you to the exciting occasion next summer in Manchester.

The central theme of the conference is to transform knowledge into application through collaborative endeavours. We are organising an exciting Scientific Programme with topics ranging from peptide design and discovery, synthesis, characterisation, bionanomaterials, surface functionalisation, delivery vehicles, development of peptide therapeutics, to demonstrations and clinical assessments of antibacterial, anticancer and immune modulation peptides. The speakers invited will represent experts from both academia and industry.

As previously featured, we will continue to hold a young researchers session with short talks from PhD students, PDRAs and young industrial researchers, and mini-oral presentations featuring selected posters.


We look forward to seeing you in Manchester.

Jian R Lu, Xuehai Yan, Ehud Gazit and Junbai Li

PSA2020@Manchester, co-chairs

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Email: psa2020loc@gmail.com

Tel: +44(0)1612 754 070